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Meet Maggie!

Maggie Shields has been helping people for over 25 years. She’s worked as a personal support worker, funeral director, wedding officiant, funeral celebrant, grief specialist, reiki (energy) practitioner and death doula.

My life’s purpose is to serve others. As blessed as my life has been, I understand first-hand the pain that loss and grief can cause.

I am grateful to also have the wisdom that life can be beautiful, joyful and worthy of celebration. For close to 30 years I have worked with men, women and children on the saddest day of their lives and the most joyful times too.

My titles and training include personal support worker. Funeral director. Wedding officiant. Funeral celebrant. Grief specialist. Reiki (energy) practitioner. Death doula.

Today I focus on serving people as they transition into married life. I ♥ love birds! (I have been married three times and widowed twice.)

As I step into the evening of my life, I am also called to help people as they move into the process of dying and peaceful death.

Being a death doula, sometimes referred to as an end-of-life coach, combines my greatest passions. My years as a funeral director and funeral celebrant, as well as my own grief journey, have prepared me well for this powerful and transformative role.

Whether contacting me to officiate a joyful occasion or to help you and your family navigate the heartbreak of goodbye, please know I am here to lovingly support you in mind, body and spirit.


Say I do, with Maggie by your side. Maggie will help you create a meaningful and memorable celebration, find more info here.


Whether your loved one has passed or you're looking to plan a service,  find the funeral services that Maggie has to offer here.

Death Doula

What exactly is a Death Doula?
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