Maggie is a Certified Angel Card Reader with the ability to offer psychic and medium readings. She is constantly developing her spiritual education. She receives Divine Guidance from the Universe, her angels, teacher’s and spirit guides. Maggie has had the gift of receiving messages since she was a small child.


After the death of her spouse in 1996, Maggie became aware that her psychic abilities were heightened. She realized that she was receiving messages from the other side of life. Over the last few decades, her journey has taken her on many different spiritual paths.




Email me your name, where you were born and date of birth along with your question.


During your reading, I will translate the messages from your personal angels with love and compassion. Generally, the messages involve the past, present and future. I enjoy working with the Angels to connect with loved ones in Spirit. The messages can cover a time period of about six months, one year or even up to two years it depends on the pace of the life of each individual. Over the time that I have been giving readings the Angels have given messages from a broad spectrum of realms. My clients have come seeking answers to their questions concerning matters such as family, relationships, health, finances, career, moving & changes.


After I meditate on your questions, I call upon the Angels for guidance for the answers. Then, I trust and have faith in the Love and the Power of the Spirit world to deliver the message. When you book your appointment to receive your private and confidential reading, whether in person at my home, via email or a telephone reading, I will teach you how to recognize and appreciate the signs and gifts from your Loved Ones in Spirit.


“All things are possible if you only believe”.



If you would like to book an appointment with Maggie or simply have a few questions, feel free to CONTACT her here.

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