White “Dove” is the term we use symbolically, our flocks are actually pure white homing pigeons. The white doves used in releases are descended from the rock dove. We are asked all of the time, what is the different between pigeons and doves? “None”. Our birds used in releases are highly trained, and they are not the kind that you might purchase at a pet store!


Doves mate for life and symbolize Peace, Love and New Beginnings. It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured. A dove release is a symbolic and breathtaking touch for every wedding form the most intimate at home ceremony to the grandest fairytale affair. When the doves are released, they circle several times overhead, allowing the crowd to fully admire their beauty. The experience of the release is breathtaking. The “oohs!” and “aahs!” are heard from those who experience the special event.

Couple can choose to release 2 doves from our Heart Shaped Basket or several doves. For a wedding outdoors this can be done before, during or after the ceremony. The release can be coordinated with any part of the ceremony that you choose, such as the “KISS” at the end.


If the ceremony is indoors, a dove release on the steps of the church or temple is a beautiful and alternative symbol to rice or bird seed. For environmental reasons, most places will no longer allow the practice of throwing these.


All of these events are coordinate with your photographer so there will be pictures to have forever.


Book Early to avoid disappointment, first come, first served.


We are against the Inhumane Use of Any Birds used in Releases or Displays!


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